TBT: Where it all began

“How did you get involved in photography?”

Is a question I get frequently. It was 11 years ago this weekend that I fell in love with photography. I mean, fell in love. I was already doing graphic design but when I picked up my first camera I had no idea I was beginning a journey. I picked up a Kodak Easy Share camera to photograph my daughter for the simple moments. At this point in my life I had thoughts of learning photography but figured it was a passing phase. Boy was I wrong! 11 years ago this weekend I went on a random trip to San Diego, California. I had no idea what I was going to see, where I was going to do. I only had maybe a week if that to plan this trip.

There was a few things I wanted to do which was photograph one of the beaches at sunset. Which, I did. I went to Black’s Beach outside of San Diego. I have attached a few photos, nothing major. But it was when I got home and looked at the photos real quick, and thought to myself. “Maybe this is something I should look into, because this photo is really good!” I’m glad I¬†listened to my¬†instinct! Looking back, it really did change my life, and boy did I fall in love that weekend!

Below are photographs of the sunset at Black’s Beach and the San Diego Skyline.