TBT: Manhattan Bridge

It has been about a year ago since I fell in love with Brooklyn. I had everything figured out, I was going to get on the subway and head into Dumbo, Brooklyn. The sun was rising when I got off the train at Grand Central. I was trying to get a photograph of the sunrise between Manhattan’s cityscape. I did get a few photos of what I wanted, but my goal for the day was to get to Brooklyn. I ended up walking from Grand Central to the Brooklyn Bridge, over the Brooklyn Bridge to the Dumbo neighborhood. Its where I fell in love with another section of New York City. I haven’t been to Brooklyn before but I have seen the photographs of Dumbo. The famous of the Manhattan Bridge at the intersection of Water and Washington Streets.

I remember how cold it was that morning, the wind blowing as I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. Little did I know then I was going to take one of my favorite photos of ┬áNew York. I fell in love with this location, it was truly an amazing location, since my first time there I made it back in April. I can’t wait to go back soon.

And if you are wondering why Dumbo is called Dumbo.. its stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

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