2016, the year that was!

I didn’t know what to expect when the ball dropped and 2016 was here. I can tell you that 2016 was an amazing year! From graphic design projects, to photo shoots to wondering around the streets of Manhattan photographing for a project. I didn’t expect any of it to happen and during this crazy year Read more about 2016, the year that was![…]

Rainbow in the Sky

31 photos 31 days: December 29

“Rainbow in the Sky” I have photographed the Great Falls Balloon Festival in 2015 and 2016. This year was a bit different then last year, there were more balloons and featured two Star Wars balloons. I thought I was going to take photographs of the balloons and not have anything special come out of it. Read more about 31 photos 31 days: December 29[…]

The Middle

31 photos 31 days: December 26

“The the Middle” I didn’t know how these photos were going to come out with me having my camera on the wrong settings. This photo, is my second favorite of the balloon festival. Its a simple photograph and the way the sky came out looking like a gradient or a fade makes it even more Read more about 31 photos 31 days: December 26[…]

Morning at Longfellow Square

31 photos 31 days: December 23

“Morning at Longfellow Square” I like to go to Longfellow Square on February 27. Longfellow’s birthday. To pay my respects to this creative mind. I remember being in middle school and having a field trip to Portland, and going to Longfellow’s childhood home. I don’t remember the details of the trip, maybe I should have Read more about 31 photos 31 days: December 23[…]

31 photos 31 days: December 1

The first night of the Great Falls Balloon Festival I was on the parking garage waiting for the balloons to launch. Its rare that I’m over that way and decided to get some skyline shots of Lewiston.

Photography: Head shots, Kegan

I was on craigslist and found someone looking for a photographer. He was looking for head shots. I feel like I lack ¬†experience with photographing people and wanted to gain some experience. He wanted some place that had some connections to Maine and I suggested Spring Point Ledge Light. He met me at Spring Point Read more about Photography: Head shots, Kegan[…]