Fairfield Friday: Westport Sunrise

We all know how much I love Compo Beach. I had an early morning photo shoot a few weeks ago and I got to Compo Beach early enough to photograph the sunrise. So far, one of my favorite experiences of 2018.  Watching the sun come up over the Long Island Sound makes you realize that Read more about Fairfield Friday: Westport Sunrise[…]

Photography: A year ago

A year ago today I was at the Valley of Fire in Nevada. I have posted photos from this trip before. You can see them Valley of Fire 1 Valley of Fire part 2 Valley of Fire 3 Last night I revisited the photos I took looking for something to remember the day. There is a handful of Read more about Photography: A year ago[…]

2017: The year that was

2017,  was the year of growth. I was busy this year with things behind the scene. But was able to be apart of all aspects of a business owner including, networking, photographing, designing, selling and having some time to adventure to new places. Our old website went down when I changed servers. It took months Read more about 2017: The year that was[…]

31 photos 31 days: December 4

This adventure brought me to Bailey Island, I found on Groupon an all day Casco Bay cruise that leaves Portland and goes up to Bailey Island and stops for a few hours where you can get lunch and walk around and then heads back to Portland a few hours later. I took this after lunch. Read more about 31 photos 31 days: December 4[…]

Black and White Sunday: Clouds in the Desert

When I sat down and looked at my photos and figured out which photos I wanted to use for the Black and White Sunday’s,  this photo was not a favorite. I went back to it a few times and it was this one and another Valley of Fire photo. (remember I took like 1600 photos Read more about Black and White Sunday: Clouds in the Desert[…]

Black and White Sunday: Clouds over Newburgh

I took this photo in June when I was in Newburgh for Newburgh Illuminated Festival. I miss going to the waterfront and photographing it was one of my favorite things to do when I lived in Newburgh. The cloud formations was always fun to see, this day was no different. I was glad to see Read more about Black and White Sunday: Clouds over Newburgh[…]