Sold: Broken Reflection

When I posted this photo on Instagram and Fine Art America a few weeks ago I wasn’t expecting it to get a lot of attention, but it did!  I shared the photo on my personal facebook page with this comment  “Every now and then I get a lot of feedback on a photo and it sit and scratch my head at it.  Yes this photo is included in my 2017 31 photo 31 days yearly feature, but with the like and comments on Fine Art America and Instagram ha me a bit baffled of the attention it receiving. I was trying to get the sky’s reflection in the broken glass, and after I reviewed the photo it wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to come out and used it anyways. Or maybe if I stood two feet to the left maybe I could have gotten more of the shoreline. I don’t know just one of those thing I guess.” – This photo is one that I wasn’t expecting to get all kinds of attention and its always a good thing when that happens.

I never imagined I would get a sale out of it!

Thank you so much for the sale!

If you ever purchase anything from my Fine Art America store please feel free to send a me photo when it arrives! I love to see the actual product!

Broken Reflection

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