Photoventure: Gallagher Mansion, Norwalk, Connecticut

I was in Connecticut in the beginning of January; and had some time to kill because a meeting I had was cancelled before I met up with a friend. I was told to hit two historic homes. One of them was the Gallagher Mansion in Norwalk. Living in the Hudson Valley for a few years has me spoiled when it comes to mansions (i.e. Vanderbilt Mansion), ¬†when someone mentions “mansions” I think of one of my all time favorite places to go in Hyde Park. When I got to the Gallagher Mansion I didn’t know what to think as I learned it was a park. I walked ¬†around and photographed the back end of the house, looked for unique things to photograph. I was told to photograph the statue. As I walked around the house I noticed the inside was empty. Which i thought was odd, i was expecting to find some type of interior. Which left me confused.

It wasn’t the grounds that captivated my attention, but the story behind it.

I parked my car and got out and started walking towards the house by what could be labeled as a huge quad. I noticed something right away, I got that feeling that I was walking by something that once stood there. I found out there was an old sanitarium that burned. A fire destroyed the sanitarium and another small building in 1912. The Gallagher’s purchased the land in 1917. The Gallagher’s (Edward and wife, Inez) built this house in 1930. I can’t find the date of this car accident, but talk around the town is that there was a car accident and Mr. Gallagher died, and left Mrs. Gallagher blind. Years later Mrs. Gallagher fell to her death as someone left her alone and she fell down a flight of stairs. I tried looking for a story confirming this, but i couldn’t find anything.

Another thing that captured my attention was the items in the trees. I have a habit to look up, and a rake in a tree caught my focus. The story behind these sculptures and items left under the snow is something I want to find out more about. I’m sure at some point I will find out. Below are the photos I took of the grounds.