February 15, 2017


It was 10 years ago when I went on a random trip to San Diego that changed my life. My horoscope that weekend said I was going to fall in love. Little did I know then, that I would fall in love with photography. I have grown so  much has a photographer since that weekend. My love for photography has shown that over the years.

It was my time in the Hudson Valley that helped me grow into the photographer I am today. Having the opportunity to photograph Newburgh and the mid Hudson Valley on a daily basis allowed me to learn the techniques of how to capture an image. It started with photographing the Hudson River and then moved to street photography around Newburgh’s historic streets. I found Newburgh Restoration who uses my past work to help illustrate articles (you can find them here). I had the opportunity to photograph events and to meet people I would have never imaged I would have met.

Now, I am a student with the New York Institute of Photography. I want to learn everything I can about photography and generate the skills I need to produce a better product. I am constantly trying to better my skills behind the lens and editing  to take me to the next level.

Over the years I have been honored with features by I Love New York, just_newyork, scenes of New England and Maine Tourism by photos I have shared on social media. Each feature is always a surprise!

I now want to get involved in photographing people and capturing them at their best. If its children to family settings to photographing life events. To people telling me about something positive in their life.

“Jillian has a passion for photography when she is behind the lens. You can see that with the New York City project I have asked her to do. She has taken simple photographs of places we have all seen and transformed them into her own. With every opportunity she has to photograph the City, she has made it an opportunity to blow me and her audience away with each photograph. I am very impressed that she stepped outside of her box and has showed the world what she can do behind the lens.”  M. Carvello, New York City project