Photography: A year ago

A year ago today I was at the Valley of Fire in Nevada. I have posted photos from this trip before. You can see them Valley of Fire 1 Valley of Fire part 2 Valley of Fire 3

Last night I revisited the photos I took looking for something to remember the day. There is a handful of photos that I didn’t post in the above entires included in this post. I don’t get a chance to work with sandstone much and wanted to work with the different elements mixed with the landscape scene. This day was one of my favorites of last year and will stay with me forever. What I love about the day was spending the day photographing an element I don’t really get a chance to photograph with family I don’t get to see daily. Its one of those small life moments that will stay with me forever. I’m not sure when these photos will make it on to the Fine Art America store, but if anyone wants to purchase please feel free to contact me and I will get the prints printed.

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