Photo-venture: Valley of Fire part 1.

A few months before I went to Las Vegas, I was talking to someone and was told to check out the Valley of Fire. I kept that in the back of my mind. Fast forward to maybe a month later I received a text asking if there was anything in particular of where or what I wanted to do. I was thinking of renting a car and maybe going to the Grand Canyon maybe driving up to Utah or California as a day trip. I made a suggestion and the adventurer in me wanted to photograph the red rocks (or something close to it). A week or so later, I found out we were going to the Valley of Fire.

One thing that I love about this country we live in is how different it is. Experiencing the rocks, the arches and different earth formations is something I will never forget. Photographing the Valley of Fire is a tad different then what I am use to, and I was up for the challenge. My goal was to fill a memory card, and I came close. There was so much to photograph and I don’t just take one picture of something, I take a ton. Each photograph in any of my set deserves attention, to either use it or not use it. Which is why this set was so hard for me to figure out what photos to use.

Words can’t describe what I experienced at the Valley of Fire State Park. I am still trying to come up with the right word to describe a desert. I have been lucky enough to live and visit a lot of places on the East Coast and Mid Atlantic States, including the Coast of Maine and and the ultra rural part of Maine that is nothing but farmland to the excitement of New York City Metropolitan area to suburban Pennsylvania. You can add southern California to that mix as well, but nothing compares to this state park.

We went with Adventure Tours. Its a photography tour. Our tour guide didn’t stop talking, from telling us how way of life was thousands of years ago. Since I currently work in the newspaper industry, what caught my attention was the how they communicated with each other as a community. How they drew pictures instead using written words to describe what was going on. How communication was so simple before paper, television and the internet.

Spending the day with my camera and photographing a part of the country made me realize why I started a photoblog to begin with. A lot of people don’t know about the Valley of Fire, it is a sight to see and is worth the day trip for sure.

I decided to split the Valley of Fire photos into a few different sections. This is the first part.