Photo-venture: the We Are tree (Rockefeller Christmas tree)

When I was 18 or so my Nana had the conversation with me of checking out Penn State (I was living in New Jersey at the time). Being 18, not knowing what life was going to bring me, I decided to put that thought in the back of my mind. It stayed there for about 10 years when I decided it was time to look into going back to school. I was living in Pennsylvania at the time and Penn State seemed to match what i was looking for. With the expection that they didn’t have an online graphic design degree. So business was my only option. Flash forward a few years later, and graphic design is finally an online degree. I signed up right away ┬áto join the program.

Every year I look to see where the Rockefeller Christmas tree is from. Two years ago I could kick myself for missing the opportunity to photograph a tree from the Hudson Valley. I was in the city the day before they took it down and I thought it was already down. This year, the tree is from State College, Pennsylvania. The home of Penn State! Since my family is a bunch of Penn State fans, alumni’s and current students, we had to make our way to the tree and take a family photo.

We Are!