Photo-Venture: Newburgh Illuminated

A few years ago while I was living in Newburgh there was these wooden light bulbs that popped up all over the city. They were all painted with something unique, off the top of my head was one that was Newburgh related with the city’s colors, a map of the city with the city’s seal. There was an I ¬†Love Lucy with Lucielle Ball and Dezi Arnez and the others had a unique expression of some form of art. They were mapped out on Liberty and Broadway, and I loved seeing something like that randomly happen. A few days later I found out there was a city wide festival celebrating the City of Newburgh. I went and photographed it, the photos can be found¬†here.

This year I wanted to get there for a few reasons. The New York City project has kept me occupied, working the hours I have been working at my day job and I wanted to get a way for a day or two. I did just that. I was excited to see how much this festival has grown over the last few years. To shut down Broadway and Liberty Streets, to have concert and dance stages through out the festival area, the vendors, the food, it was amazing to see the growth. It was nice to see the people who I used to see on a daily basis walk around with smiles on their face and photograph people in their element while celebrating a small community.

There was something about the atmosphere, the reminder of where I have been, the very place that started my journey into what it is to day and to spend the day in a place that i called home for short period of time made me realize how fortunate I am to spend time there.

I took a lot of photos that day, this is the first batch. Once I get an extra minute I will post more.