Photo-venture: Longfellow

Every year on February 27th, I venture down to Longfellow Square in Portland. Last year I didn’t get a chance to due to my schedule. This year I wanted to do something a different to honor Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A few weekends ago, I ventured down to Cambridge and found the house he lived in while he was teaching at Harvard. This house is special because it was also the house George Washington as used when he was in Boston. Because of the Revolutionary War status with Washington’s Headquarters I wanted to photograph it. I wasn’t able to go inside the house but was able to photograph around the outside. Across the street is  Longfellow Park with a monument of him.  I walked around Longfellow Park for a few minute and photographed his monument and then went over and walked around Harvard Square and Harvard Yard.

Last week I found a mural of Longfellow in Portland. Hidden in the center of Portland on a dead end street is a mural someone painted of Longfellow. I wasn’t going to go to Portland but when I found this photo on instagram I had to go!

Happy 211th Birthday to this creative mind!