Photo-venture: Las Vegas

I never thought I would ever photograph Las Vegas, Nevada.  Those who know me, know I’m a New York gal. The city is my place. The weekend that I was in Vegas was personal. Not only was I given an unexpected opportunity to spend a full weekend with my camera but I also got to spend it with family I don’t get to see everyday. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing the photographs I have taken, edited, but you will see the personal side that I don’t really share with many.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. When my Dad contacted me last summer about a wedding in Vegas, I didn’t hesitate when I told him I would go. I knew it was a perfect opportunity to photograph a city I’m not familiar with. There was certain things that I wanted to concentrate on, night photography and signs. (being in Northern New England it doesn’t have the excitement that Las Vegas has). This particular set is photographs I took during the day. I spent a lot of time around New York New York and walking the strip. Over the next few weeks I will be releasing photos of Vegas at night, Street photography and the day we spent at the Valley of Fire State Park and will be ending it with a group of my personal favorites.

*All photos will be available to purchase. If you don’t see them on the stores please feel free to contact me and I will make sure they are available.