Photo-venture: Dempsey Challenge

Its that time of year, the leaves are falling on the ground, the air is colder… fall is here. One thing about fall is that there is a weekend where Patrick Dempsey returns home for a cancer fundraiser held is his name. I heard about this event a few years back, I started photographing it in 2014.  I like to photograph the closing ceremony because its a positive experience. Money is raised for the Dempsey Center, people have committed to cycle, run or walk for someone they know who has survived, has, or has lost a fight to cancer.

I walked around in a mixed crowd of people who were involved with the bike ride, a handful of people to catch a glimpse of Mc Dreamy himself and those who survived cancer. LL Bean and Cousins Maine Lobster was there, as well as Jillian Dempsey makeup company. The tent with the lobster dinner will filled and people were walking around with a beer in hand. Smiles filled the area as we waited to hear how much money was raised over the the last year. The stage filled with a group of people who run the organization. This years guest speaker during was professional road racing cyclist Fast “Freddie” Rodriguez. He spoke about his youth in Los Angles and how he took cycling as a form of inspiration and make it apart of who is he today.

Last year I listened to Patrick Dempsey talk about inspiration, today he spoke about the same thing. I look around and saw people with “survivor” on the back of their shirts and some said “caregiver” and realized we are all here for a reason.

“…Its so great to walk around and see so many happy people. So many people in so may different parts of their life experience..” – Patrick Dempsey, Dempsey Challenge, October 8, 2017

To learn more about the Dempsey Center and Dempsey Challenge.