February 18, 2017

New York City Project

I love New York City. I always have since the minute I step foot into the city back in April of 1996. I spent 15 years living an hour to an hour and half (depending if i was in Easton, Pennsylvania or in Newburgh, New York) going to the city was simple and took it for granted. Now that I’m 5 hours ¬†and train ride away I realize my love for the city is still there.

I was asked back in 2014 to photograph the city for a friend of mine. Of course I said yes. This is where I will showcase my favorite photographs. Follow my journey to places we have all seen to venturing to new neighborhoods to random street photography.

Manhattan’s Soul. Taken from the Top of the Rock

Cityscape taken from the Top of the Rock

From Brooklyn

From Brooklyn, taken on the Brooklyn Bridge in November 2016.

“The City Below” was taken from the Top of the Rock in September 2016.

This photo was taken in Times Square December 2016.