February 15, 2017

graphic design


Flyer, Jillian Elder Photography

Logo, JE Photography

Flyer, Jillian Elder Photography

Flyers Jillian Elder Photography.


Flyer (front and back) photography event.

I like bright colors and things that stand out. I wanted a flyer that allowed me to write about myself as a photographer and my time in Newburgh. I wanted something that would also show my designs skills by using circles, and squares for photographs.

Flyer, photography event

This flyer allowed me to showcase some pieces. All of these are older NYC photos. I didn’t want to have something that would just have pictures, i wanted something like a wheel that was eye catching.


Logo and business card, Shannon Crystal Marketing

I was asked to design the logo and a business card. I wasn’t’ sure what to do for the logo. It took me a little while to come up with something. Then it hit, to use a crystal in the logo. As for the business card, I knew it was going to be front and back. Something in pink that would stand out.

Political flyers


Sale flyer

I had a black friday sale on Fine Art America a while back. This was posted on one of my websites, I don’t’ remember which one. I wanted something simple and clean and came up with this. My focus was the photos I took during 2015.

Logo and business card, Fort Goat

This was a surprise for my Mom. She has a goat farm and I was bored one night and started to draw something out and before I knew it she had a logo. She’s always posting photos of her goats on Facebook which is why I included the castle/fort on the top of the logo and of course the goats at the bottom. I went with a circle because it simplifies it.

Car magnet, business cards, Delta Roofing

I was asked to do this project, it was business cards, car magnet and banner (not showed.. yet). I wanted the car magnet (upper left) to be as clean as possible. This company has a lot of information and I needed to display it as clean as possible. I felt it was best to stack it the way I did. The same with the business cards. Its two sided because of there is a lot of information. Which worked, the owner wanted the roofing houses on the back and the addresses worked as well. I feel it gives it a nice clean look.


Trade Show Banner, AAA Striping

When I first started working on this, I had no idea what to do. I had to think about it for a few days. After I starting placing things then it call came together. I received what their old trade show banner looked like and wanted to clean it up. I took their information put it on the bottom. By looking at it I wanted the company name on the top with the log, what they did in the middle and then the text. The owner of AAA Striping loved it!

Logo, Rochester Salvage & Supply

My client already knew what they wanted. The hardest thing was finding a font that went with it. To me they wanted something unique that reminds me of the font used to advertise a Tim Burton film. When I was done with it, they liked it.