Feature: WE ARE Tree!

The other day I was driving and a quick thought came to mind, I realized I didn’t have an instagram feature this year.

2014 – I love NY


2015- I love NY

2015 – just_newyork


2016 – just_newyork

2017 – ???

I woke up this afternoon to a text from my step mother telling me that the family photo we took made the Penn State story on instagram! The story is good for 24 hours, I took a screen shot of it right away.

We knew what we wanted to do while discussing our up coming trip to NYC. We wanted to see the Penn State tree in Rockefeller Center.  While discussing it I mentioned we should wear our Penn State sweatshirt and hats for the photo.  I never imagined it would be featured by Penn State!! Since Penn State won the Fiesta Bowl last night the story started with a bunch of photos from the game and after the win, then there was a handful of couples at the Rockefeller Christmas tree, then there was us!  It brought smiles to my face to see that a simple, nerdy idea was featured… thank you so much Penn State! We Are so proud to have you in our lives!

Wow, I never imaged this would close out 2017! What a great day it was and a wonderful experience, I’m so glad to have a photo that shows my regular life out side of my photography life be featured!

Now I need to go pay my tuition bill.