Fairfield Friday: Compo Beach

It was almost 2 years ago when I started going down to Stamford to catch the train into the City to work on the NYC project. There was something about Stamford that caught my attention. Something about a costal city, with a booming economy and still in the NYC area.  I remember doing the research, looking at companies, looking into the areas around Stamford. One of those areas was Westport.  I didn’t know what to think of Westport at first, it seemed like a typical small town (this small town includes Shake Shack). I read things about Westport like, its where Lucy and Ricky bought a house when they moved to the country in I Love Lucy (with my ties to Newburgh, this caught my attention) . … REO Speedwagon “157 Riverside Ave” the address where the band stayed while recording their first album. Westport has a reputation of an arts center and was once known as a “creative heaven” – naturally I had to check out this place.

I ventured to Compo Beach for the first time a few weeks ago. I was nice to photograph some place new and different.