Throwback Thursday: Manhattan Bridge

This was my first time I was in Brooklyn and my goal of the day was to find this spot. I went back to this photo for a few reasons. I like to revisit photos after a period of time. Work on a different skill, this photo I didn’t want the clouds to appear, and Read more about Throwback Thursday: Manhattan Bridge[…]

2017: The year that was

2017,  was the year of growth. I was busy this year with things behind the scene. But was able to be apart of all aspects of a business owner including, networking, photographing, designing, selling and having some time to adventure to new places. Our old website went down when I changed servers. It took months Read more about 2017: The year that was[…]

31 photos 31 days: December 26

When I went to work on the New York City project in November I had a few things in mind. I wanted to get up to the observatory deck at the World Trade Center and wanted to wonder around  lower Manhattan. I was iffy about walking over to Brooklyn. I knew I was going to Read more about 31 photos 31 days: December 26[…]

Black and White Sunday: Dumbo

Dumbo, Brooklyn is one of favorite places. I love to go there and just walk around. The intersection of Washington and Water Streets is always a treat to photograph. When I was there in April it was spring break week and there was a ton of teens, but I worked through it. You can see Read more about Black and White Sunday: Dumbo[…]

31 photos 31 days: December 3

One of my favorite places to go in New York City is Dumbo, Brooklyn. The arts community in Dumbo is amazing! St. Ann’s Warehouse is located on Water Street was a surprise for sure. What I love about this is how I just found it. I was in Brooklyn Bridge Park and saw this building, Read more about 31 photos 31 days: December 3[…]

TBT: Manhattan Bridge

It has been about a year ago since I fell in love with Brooklyn. I had everything figured out, I was going to get on the subway and head into Dumbo, Brooklyn. The sun was rising when I got off the train at Grand Central. I was trying to get a photograph of the sunrise Read more about TBT: Manhattan Bridge[…]

Photo-venture: Brooklyn

Come spring I couldn’t stop saying “I have to go to Brooklyn, I have to go to Brooklyn, I have to get to Brooklyn.” In April. I went to Brooklyn. I ended my week long photography adventure/Dad’s wedding weekend with a trip to Brooklyn. I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Brooklyn is Read more about Photo-venture: Brooklyn[…]

2016, the year that was!

I didn’t know what to expect when the ball dropped and 2016 was here. I can tell you that 2016 was an amazing year! From graphic design projects, to photo shoots to wondering around the streets of Manhattan photographing for a project. I didn’t expect any of it to happen and during this crazy year Read more about 2016, the year that was![…]

From Brooklyn

31 photos 31 days: December 17

“From Brooklyn” If someone said to be a week before I went to Brooklyn “You’re going to walk from Grand Central Terminal to Brooklyn.” I would have looked at them and said “Are you crazy?!” Apparently I was the crazy one because that is what I did, which happened to be the coldest day of Read more about 31 photos 31 days: December 17[…]