Event: WCBS Small Business Breakfast

A year ago I went to the Small Business Breakfast in Tarrytown, New York. I wanted to listen to¬†Ari Fleischer speak. (I mean when do you get the opportunity to listen to a former Press Secretary speak!). I went and saw what the Small Business Breakfast was all about. It was a great experience seeing Read more about Event: WCBS Small Business Breakfast[…]

Fairfield Friday: The New York City Skyline

I have seen photos of the NYC Skyline from the Connecticut shoreline and couldn’t find the location. I wasn’t sure if it was Stamford, Greenwich and some place I found that you could see the skyline from Westport. Last Monday I drove around Fairfield County in hopes to find the NYC Skyline. I was at Read more about Fairfield Friday: The New York City Skyline[…]

Fairfield Friday: Winter’s Progress

When I was going through my photos I took on this day, all I could think of is the saying “Life’s a Beach.” I like the idea with the beach with a small layer of snow on it and an empty beach. Knowing soon, this beach is going to be filled with beach goers enjoying Read more about Fairfield Friday: Winter’s Progress[…]

TBT: Newburgh Sunset

I miss this spot. This was my spot when I was in Newburgh. I went to the river daily (or just about daily) to photograph. Even before I lived in Newburgh this spot was the meeting spot for when I met my friends for whatever it was we were doing, to eat Gully’s and to Read more about TBT: Newburgh Sunset[…]

Graphic Design: Newsletter

Here is this months issue of Shannon Crystal’s Beauty Group’s newsletter. Contact us today for newsletter design! I am always willing to help let others know what is going on with your business! How does this process begin? I start contacting clients around the 20th of every month for materials and have it done before Read more about Graphic Design: Newsletter[…]

Photo-venture: Longfellow

Every year on February 27th, I venture down to Longfellow Square in Portland. Last year I didn’t get a chance to due to my schedule. This year I wanted to do something a different to honor Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A few weekends ago, I ventured down to Cambridge and found the house he lived in Read more about Photo-venture: Longfellow[…]

TBT: Poet

This is from a few years ago from when I ventured down to Longfellow Square in Portland, Maine. I go just about every year to photograph Longfellow Square and pay my respects to one of Americas finest poets, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I have written about how much I admire him over the years (before my Read more about TBT: Poet[…]