31 photos 31 days: December 31

I wanted to photograph while I was out in Las Vegas. I had no idea what. After doing research of where the Grand Canyon is and I didn’t want to focus all of my attention on the Las Vegas Strip.

Months before Vegas, I did my research on what there was around Vegas. I asked everyone I know if they have been to Vegas and tried to get a direction of where and what I should photograph. Someone told me to check out the Valley of Fire. I kept at in the back of my mind. Some how a member of the group I was in found a photography tour of the Valley of Fire. I was excited to go, my goal was to fill up a 16 gb memory card of photos. I came close.

This photo is my favorite of the year and of the Las Vegas trip. I love how peaceful the photo is, how the sky has a gradient feel and how it has a mixture of sandstone and what looks like it could be a mountain or lightly grassed mountain. I also love the background of mountains. From the second I saw this photo it became one of my favorites.

I can’t thank you enough, the visitor, potential client and future employer.  The 31 photos 31 days is something I have done yearly. Sadly, I lost my website in February of this year and had to rebuild it. 2017 was a year full of ups and down, but focusing on myself, the business and the future has giving  a lot hope for the future, a chance to enhance my skills as a graphic designer and a photographer.

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