31 photos 31 days: December 29

“Rainbow in the Sky”

I have photographed the Great Falls Balloon Festival in 2015 and 2016. This year was a bit different then last year, there were more balloons and featured two Star Wars balloons. I thought I was going to take photographs of the balloons and not have anything special come out of it. When you have your camera on the wrong setting and don’t’ realize it magic can happen. To me this photo is a magical piece. It wasn’t something I planed and didn’t see the photo in my head before hand. I love the aqua sky and the bright colors of the balloon and how it just popped. Maybe having my camera on the wrong setting was suppose to happen, maybe it was suppose to teach me how to deal with something that wasn’t meant to be and how I was suppose to transform it into something bright and colorful instead of something that was overly exposed.

I didn’t know what to with the photo, but  I liked it. I made it into black and white and something told me to try it in color. I wanted to work with this photo for a few reasons, one I love to photograph hot air balloons with half of the balloon in the photo. It makes for an interesting photo, and the sky was a bright blue, I was expecting a deep sky. Which didn’t happen. This photo is one of my favorites of the year because of the story behind it. Instead of walking away from a photo with some patience you can transform it into anything.

Lesson learned: You can take a photo that looks over exposed and transform it into something bright and eye catching.

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Rainbow in the Sky

This photo was taken during the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Auburn, Maine. August 2016.