31 photos 31 days: December 25

“Rockefeller Christmas Tree”

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree one of those traditions we all have, from watching the lighting ceremony on tv to going to see it yearly. I have seen the tree before and some place in my photography vault I have pictures of it. This year was different I wanted to photograph the tree for a few reasons. The first being I haven’t been to Rockefeller Center in a few years and wanted to go back. The second was I wanted to photograph Rockefeller Center during sunrise. I wanted something different. The third, I didn’t photograph it last year when the tree had ties to the Hudson Valley and became a part of Habitat for Humanity’s building equipment in for a house in Newburgh (I know, I know, what was I thinking by not photographing the tree).

I took a few shots of the tree at different locations and this one was my favorite. The sky reflection in the building windows, to how the lights stand out on the tree. Next year I am hoping to get their early enough to photograph the tree right before sunrise. I loved how people were ice skating in front of the tree during the early morning hours.

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Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Christmas tree December 2016.