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Fairfield Friday: A snowy Compo Beach

I had a list of places I wanted to photograph the other day but sadly I only made it to Compo Beach. Compo Beach didn’t disappoint. It was warm out and the snow was melting a bit and you could feel it in the air. What I love about this day was the Long Island Read more about Fairfield Friday: A snowy Compo Beach[…]

Sold: Broken Reflection

When I posted this photo on Instagram and Fine Art America a few weeks ago I wasn’t expecting it to get a lot of attention, but it did!  I shared the photo on my personal facebook page with this comment  “Every now and then I get a lot of feedback on a photo and it Read more about Sold: Broken Reflection[…]

Fairfield Friday: Weir Farm

I was looking for places around Norwalk to venture to during one of my trips in November. I was sitting in Cranbury Park when I googled things to do in the area and Weir Farm came up.  It wasn’t too far from where I was at and decided to go. It’s in Ridgefield and Wilton. Read more about Fairfield Friday: Weir Farm[…]

31 photos 31 days: December 31

I wanted to photograph while I was out in Las Vegas. I had no idea what. After doing research of where the Grand Canyon is and I didn’t want to focus all of my attention on the Las Vegas Strip. Months before Vegas, I did my research on what there was around Vegas. I asked Read more about 31 photos 31 days: December 31[…]

Black and White Sunday: Peaceful Desert

I have lived in what I call the “middle of nowhere” before and while I was in the middle of the desert, it was amazing experience being in the “middle of nowhere”. This photo reminds me of that, just standing in an unfamiliar area not listening to a tour guide talk about civilization that goes Read more about Black and White Sunday: Peaceful Desert[…]

2017: The year that was

2017,  was the year of growth. I was busy this year with things behind the scene. But was able to be apart of all aspects of a business owner including, networking, photographing, designing, selling and having some time to adventure to new places. Our old website went down when I changed servers. It took months Read more about 2017: The year that was[…]